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Zion Hill School is an educational institution providing holistic way of learning to the pupils. The place is also favorable for outdoor learning experiences that bring students closer to the wilderness, environment, agriculture, and rural life.

The institution has been providing education to the Indigenous peoples of Tripura and its neighboring states. It is not just a place for gaining from textbook knowledge but preparing the students for future day to day challenges and building a community passionate for social causes.  By design and intent, Zion Hill School is a dynamic place located at the picturesque Baramura Hill Range.

Zion Hill School– always changing, growing, and learning. 


Who We Are

We are a community interested in providing holistic education to the Indigenous peoples of Tripura and neighboring states who come from lower income group and remote areas. Our interest also lies in generating awareness about sustainability and conscious living, in harmony with nature. On our 68 hectares of land we have fishing ponds, a pineapple farm and locally available fruit trees and small organic vegetable gardens. We have a small residential school. The staff and students mostly live in and around the campus, engaging in community life together.
We are interested for volunteers to help us in various departments, farming, carpentry or building as well as helping out in the community kitchen, as per your interest and abilities.
The school is located in the heart of  Baramura Hill range, one of the popular hill in Tripura. The campus is mostly covered with trees and bamboos and home to some endangered birds like the Hornbill. There is an abundance of flora and fauna around and even on the campus. In your spare time you can trek in the forest and surrounding villages, engage in activities such as playing football, marbles , etc. with the students or visit the village shops for a cup of tea with the villagers.
If you love to spend time in Nature and in community, this is the place for you.

Join the Cause

The volunteer must come with an interests to share their skills, are committed to bring difference in the lives of others or working in a remote village in a challenging environment. Help is required with fundraising for the school, as well as report writing/writing proposal for the school projects.
All volunteers must be able to teach English, but we also welcome them to help in other ways, such as improving the school (by gardening, painting, decorating, and building), and helping with fundraising campaigns. 

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