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Our Campus

The Zion Hill School It is located at the picturesque Baramura Hill Range Tripura India. ith spectacular views  Mountain range, the beautiful campus is spread over an impressive 1 acres, Most of the land is covered with Bamboos and Trees and a home to some endangered birds like the Hornbill.  

The land for the school was donated by many individuals and well wishers who want to impart education to their future generations. 


We pride ourselves on cleanliness and environmental awareness, teaching our students to care for and enjoy the beauty of our forests and mountains. We offer our students, and visiting parents, a chance to escape from the pollution, litter, hustle and bustle they find in the heart of India’s major cities and understand why Zion hill is a destination for family vacations and travelers across the globe. While we help our students learn, grow, and develop into productive members of society, our environment provides our students with thousands of trails, unparalleled wildlife, and some of the world’s cleanest air.

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